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Horses are healers, teachers and companions. They are sentient beings that deserve to be treated with respect and honor. Heart Centered Horsemanship seeks to enhance the well-being of horses through educating people in clear and consistent methods that facilitate a mutually beneficial relationship.

It is often the skills of the person, not the horse, that need the most work. Learning to be grounded and centered, attuned to the horse, noticing and responding, in the present moment: these are the qualities of good horsemanship and riding.

Through breathing and yoga practices, groundwork, hands-on touch, and riding, Heart Centered Horsemanship helps horses and humans become calm and grounded, release tension in mind and body, and move together in fluid and harmonious partnership. Training techniques focus on developing a horse that is rhythmic, relaxed, supple, balanced, soft and light both on the ground and when ridden. These qualities are beneficial for any style or discipline of riding.

Heart Centered Horsemanship can help you and your horse to work through challenges, strengthen connection, move through resistance, and develop a joyful partnership.





To say Stacey Carter is a horse trainer does not give her talents the credit they deserve. She has developed an art form similar to a potter and a piece of clay. Stacey is softening and shaping the horse and rider ultimately into a lasting relationship. Her talents blend yoga practice, equine massage, relaxation and rhythm. I have attended several of her Yin Horsemanship Clinics. They give you a wonderful overview of her approach to horsemanship and hands on ground work is added into the clinic.

 -Cathy Burton, client

Due to multiple injuries, my Quarter Horse hadn’t been ridden in over a year.  I spent months looking for a trainer to help me get her ready to ride again.  Everyone I talked to had a “manhandle” type of approach.  I wanted someone who saw these animals as being the sensitive creatures they are, who deserve to be treated with respect.  Stacey took time getting to know us, developing a ctions with my horses be a positive experience for both of us.  I can’t say enough about how mrelationship not only with me, but my mare as well.  She taught me how to make all my interauch Stacey has made a difference in the bond I have with my horses. 

-Crystal Fluhartey, horse owner


Stacey is a compassionate, innovative teacher who helps horses and humans develop joyful relationships. She has an exceptional ability to apply creative solutions to help horses and riders discover comfortable, athletic movement.

-Mary DeBono, Creator of DeBono Moves


I am a senior rider, without a horse of my own. The “loaner” I was riding is a 17.3 very opinionated mare. Not a productive or joyful combination for either horse or rider. In desperation, I called Stacey to see what she could do to help. Did she ever have an impact! In one visit, she softened the horse noticeably and showed me how to do it as well. But best of all, she reduced my fear factor about 99%. We are in a much better place.

-Christine Marshall Timchek, client


Stacey is the embodiment of Heart Centered Horsemanship!  It was obvious from our first encounter that her heart is in all she teaches.  My relationship and connection with my horse has improved because of her methods.  Stacey has made me a better rider, my horse is calmer and we are more attuned to each other.

-Kathy Knutson, horse owner

 Harmony Farm Animal Haven turns to Stacey when it comes time to heal our horses mentally and work towards changing a traumatizing past in to a future that can ultimately lead to the goal we all hope for: a happy forever home. We couldn't thank her enough for the help she has given us.

 -Crista Stubbs, owner of Harmony Farm Animal Haven

 Stacey just has a way with horses and does a fantastic job with her lessons.  She teaches in such a well rounded manner that promotes solid horsemanship. Highly recommend for all ages- kids and adults too!

-Jennifer Sloop, student and parent


I attended a Heart Centered Horsemanship Clinic with my young Arabian.  Stacey's teaching style is positive and uplifting to the rider which was a welcome experience. I learned some simple skills I can use to get my young horse more supple and relaxed.  I use the ground work each  time before i ride to make sure my horses experience will be a positive one. 

 -Julie Luther, client

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