March 12, 10am-3pm

LaBelle Equestrian

2445 Centenary Church Rd

Mt. Ulla, NC


Good horsemanship requires the ability to be strong, solid and grounded while at the same time being soft, gentle, and responsive to the most subtle senses. Influencing behavior in the horse begins with embodying the qualities we seek from them.
Heart Centered Horsemanship will show you how to help you and your horse achieve a calm yet energized attunement in all interactions. Whether leading, grooming, practicing groundwork, or riding, each activity offers an opportunity to deepen our connection with our horses. If you are seeking an enjoyable, therapeutic, safe union with your horse both on the ground and while riding then this clinic is for you!!

Topics include:

-The importance of being grounded and setting clear and consistent boundaries for fostering a calm state in your horse

-Horsemanship as a practice of mindfulness, cultivating connection through our ability to notice and respond to the horse in the moment

-Moving into stillness

-Recognizing tension, bracing and resistance and how to "soften" the horse

-Communication through movement and attuning to the felt sense

-Moving with your horse with intention, awareness, and fluidity both on the ground and when riding

This clinic is suitable for all disciplines and can be adapted for various skill and ability levels. Riding is optional. School horses are available.

Cost for this clinic is $100


April 2, Winding Road Farm

Reidsville, NC 10am-3pm

March 26, April 23, June 4

"Yin Light" 12pm-2pm

LaBelle Equestrian

Mt. Ulla, NC

Yin and Yang represent two sides of a balanced whole. Yin Horsemanship focuses on the soft, yielding, restorative aspects of horsemanship. It balances everyday stresses to help our horses and ourselves return to a calm, healing space that facilitates deeper connection, awareness, and softness. Yin Horsemanship complements more traditional "Yang" training styles that focus on movement, performance, and "doing." While yang activities develop muscle and activate the horse, yin practices release restrictions in the fascia and connective tissues, restoring the mind and body to a calm, balanced, relaxed state.


This clinic will teach you simple techniques that you can use with your horse to release restrictions and facilitate relaxation. You will experience how mindfulness, grounding, intention, and breathing impacts relationship with the horse and effectiveness of bodywork. You will learn about the properties of fascia and how interacting with this integral connective tissue has profound effects on the whole horse.


Yin Horsemanship is presented by Holistic Equine and Rider Solutions, a partnership between Heart Centered Horsemanship and Deb D'Amato, a massage therapist with extensive training in Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, and other bodywork techniques that can be applied to animals as well as training in the Masterson Method of equine massage.

Full Day Clinic $175

Yin Light Clinics $80

Yoga classes will be offered at LaBelle Equestrian from 10:30-11:30 before the Yin Light classes. Cost of these classes is $10 if attending the clinic and $15 for yoga only.



May 1, 9am-2pm

Winding Road Farm

Reidsville, NC

Two of my favorite things, yoga and horses, blended together in a class that focuses on becoming the calm, grounded presence that is crucial for becoming the leader your horse is looking for. Beginning with a morning session on the mat I will be sharing a variety of practices that will wake up your core and help you find strength that you might not even know you had! These sessions will also help you find more freedom of movement, flexibility, and the ability to differentiate parts of your body for more precise and influential horsemanship and riding. Of course, yoga is about more than just working with the body, it is a path to increased awareness and equanimity, qualities that benefit every aspect of horsemanship. The morning sessions will be recorded so participants will have continued access to this resource.

The afternoon session will focus on building attunement with your horse, a relationship in which the horse seems to move as an extension of the self. Just as yoga is about unity of mind/body, body/breath, and self/spirit, these practices will create unity between horse and human. This will include both groundwork and riding.

We can only improve our horses by first improving ourselves. As we learn to "speak horse" and come to our relationship with the qualities the horse needs in a leader, we can enter a transformative relationship that enriches both horse and human.


Morning session $75

Afternoon session $75