May 29-31

LaBelle Equestrian

2445 Centenary Church Rd

Mt. Ulla, NC


The word yoga means union. In yoga practice we join our breath with our movement, our mind with our body, and our individual self with something much greater. Yoga deepens awareness of the body and teaches us to treat ourselves and all things with gentleness and compassion. It fosters an inner awareness and allows us to release long-held tension to increase flexibility and reduce discomfort. Yoga also builds strength, balance, and coordination.

Horses are excellent yoga teachers. They remind us to keep our mind focused in the present moment, to stay centered and grounded, and they give us the opportunity to experience the harmonious flow of connected movement when two beings are united as one. With horses we must be responsive and adaptable yet grounded and centered.

This three day retreat includes yoga practices both with the horses and on the mat, unmounted and mounted activities, and three delicious and healthy meals per day. On-site stabling is provided.

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April 4, Love Valley NC

June 6, Mt. Ulla NC

Yin and Yang represent two sides of a balanced whole. Yin Horsemanship focuses on the soft, yielding, restorative aspects of horsemanship. It balances everyday stresses to help our horses and ourselves return to a calm, healing space that facilitates deeper connection, awareness, and softness. Yin Horsemanship complements more traditional "Yang" training styles that focus on movement, performance, and "doing." While yang activities develop muscle and activate the horse, yin practices release restrictions in the fascia and connective tissues, restoring the mind and body to a calm, balanced, relaxed state.


This clinic will teach you simple techniques that you can use with your horse to release restrictions and facilitate relaxation. You will experience how mindfulness, grounding, intention, and breathing impacts relationship with the horse and effectiveness of bodywork. You will learn about the properties of fascia and how interacting with this integral connective tissue has profound effects on the whole horse.


Yin Horsemanship is presented by Holistic Equine and Rider Solutions, a partnership between Heart Centered Horsemanship and Deb D'Amato, a massage therapist with extensive training in Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, and other bodywork techniques that can be applied to animals as well as training in the Masterson Method of equine massage.



May 9, 10 am - 3 pm

Foxchase Farm

225 Goodnight Farm Road

Salisbury, NC


This clinic offers basic tools for handling everyday challenges with your horse in relaxation while developing confidence, communication skills, and partnership.  Obstacles provide an ideal opportunity to practice dealing with avoidance, boundary setting, and restoring a calm, relaxed state when the horse becomes anxious.  The morning portion will cover basic concepts and techniques for grounding, establishing consistent boundaries, releasing tension, and developing effective communication skills through groundwork. The afternoon portion will include working through the obstacles course mounted or unmounted and participants will have the opportunity to ride the entire course at their own pace.

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