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Yoga for Equestrians

The practice of yoga brings us into a deeper and more conscious connection with our bodies, our breath, our movements, and all that is around us. The art of horsemanship and riding can be experienced as an extension of this practice, creating unity between horse and human. Yoga for Equestrians explores the subtle nuances that affect every interaction with our horses, and how mindfulness and intentional actions can improve not only our riding but everything we do with them.


The art of dressage can be viewed as a union of horse and rider, in which both move in calm relaxation, with balance, tone and precision, as if each is an extension of the other, where minds and bodies become one. Each movement requested from the horse can first be embodied in the rider. Rather than thinking of movements as something we make the horse do, we can think of them as something WE do. When we combine this with a relationship in which the horse moves with us without resistance, we achieve a beautiful and harmonious union of the highest quality. You don’t have to be a "dressage rider" to benefit from the principles of this art, all horses and riders can improve from this practice.

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Yoga for Equestrians clinics begin with time on the mat exploring how yoga-inspired breathing, mindfulness and posture practices can prepare us to engage with our horses from a calm center with gratitude, compassion, strength and softness. As riders we must move in harmony with our horses while communicating through movement and position. Practicing on the mat can help us master these skills before asking them to follow our lead.

The second part of the clinic includes groundwork and hands-on techniques to help your horse soften and “melt” under your touch, become more attuned and connected, and follow your movements easily and without resistance


The clinic culminates in bringing it all together while riding (or more groundwork for those who choose not to ride), exploring how the practice of yoga can guide us towards achieving unity with the horse. 

Check the event schedule for upcoming Yoga for Equestrians clinics at LaBelle Equestrian, or send an email for information about hosting a clinic at your facility.



New to horses but interested in a unique experience of horsemanship and riding?  We offer Yoga and Horses clinics for you as well! Book a group of up to 10 people for a half-day clinic at your convenience. Our wonderful lesson herd at LaBelle Equestrian will be happy to assist you in exploring the beautiful relationship between yoga practice and connecting with horses. 

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