Healing Connections

at Midnight's Promise Equine Rescue

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Healing Connections is a partnership with Midnight's Promise Equine Rescue in Salisbury, NC and local mental health professionals to offer mutually healing opportunities for horses and humans. Using the Heart Centered Horsemanship Method, participants will take part in restoring trust and calm in horses that have come to the sanctuary through neglect or abandonment. Fundraising efforts will enable mental health professionals to incorporate equine assisted practices into their treatment plans at no additional cost to their clients.

Shortly after beginning my work in the field of equine therapy I experienced first hand what it is like to go through a traumatic experience. The story is now being told through a documentary series that was created by Trish Gillespie and is being aired on Vice TV. The Devil You Know tells the story of a murderer who struggled from a young age with mental illness, of two people  drawn into the abyss of heroin addiction, and a veteran struggling with PTSD who had to make the choice to turn in his childhood friend. The story is tragic, but it also suggests that we have the ability to do things differently to create positive changes. The documentary looks at the hard truths of the society in which we live, and urges us to do better.

I have dedicated a significant part of my life to learning about trauma, what it does and how it can be healed. I believe that there is no one answer to correcting the emotional damage that is created, but that through relationship there is hope for a positive outcome. This world needs more healers. It needs more compassion. We need to learn how to support each other to make things better. I believe that horses can teach us a lot about that.

This program is being created to offer healing opportunities for both people and horses. I want to teach others what I have learned and create a space for the horses to work their magic. I know this process works because I have experienced it, both in my work to rehabilitate horses and in my own process of working through trauma. Horses can keep us grounded and centered, they can remind us to experience love and joy, and they can give us hope in a world that can sometimes feel hopeless.

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