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Jack's Story

"I first met Stacey when she was a teenager riding at Pony Club rallies and I was a college student.  I was immediately impressed with her riding skills.  We re-connected in the summer of 2010 when I asked her to work with my then 2 year old gelding, a rowdy youngster who had barely been handled.  Now a beautiful 5 year old, Jack has more confidence and connection to his handlers and riders than ANY "made" horse I have ever known.  He is a joy to be around and to ride. 

As a lifelong horse owner, I had acquired knowledge and experience, but had always lacked confidence in my abilities.  Through Stacey's program of connection, ground work, and riding in arenas and on trails, I have gained much knowledge, confidence and belief in myself and my horse.   

I believe that Stacey's program is perfect for anyone who struggles with the same things I do:  confidence, time constraints, fear, and wanting to feel safe as I grow older.  Her work with Jack and me on connection really got me "out of my own way" and let me use my heart and brain, rather than my emotions, to work with this horse.  For the first time in my life I understand not only that the connection I feel for horses comes from my heart, but how to make it work."  -Kimberly S.

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