Long Distance Training and Support

This services provides online and telephone coaching for your unique training needs. From interacting with the horse at liberty in the pasture to developing balance and collection under saddle, you will receive individual consultation through videos and telephone discussions that will walk you thorough each step of the process. This service includes:

Initial evaluation by phone to establish your specific challenges and goals.

Weekly check-in by phone or video conference plus one email per day to assist with issues as they arise.

Instructional videos to guide you through a progressive series of exercises that create a solid foundation for any discipline. These simple steps will prepare the horse on the ground to ensure riding aids are clear and understood. You will also receive customized videos specific to your needs to address any challenges that you encounter.

Long distance training will support you with:

Yoga and grounding techniques to help you stay calm and centered in any circumstances.

Helpful tips for riding in balance with lightness and fluid connection with your horse.

Working through fear with obstacles training to prepare for imaginary dragons in the real world.

Simple groundwork techniques that create the basic building blocks for all training.

Understanding importance of liberty work as part of the relationship building process.

Basic weekly lesson packages begin at $125/month with a variety of options available to suit your unique needs.

Training at LaBelle Equestrian

Training Board includes private turn-out in large paddock with run-in shelter (pasture buddies available upon request), stabling during inclement weather, and daily training sessions.

Training available by daily, weekly, and monthly rates

Trailer-in lessons are welcome

Specializing in developing horses that are safe, confident and relaxed. Methods integrate groundwork, gentle tension-release bodywork, roundpen and liberty work, basic dressage (creating an ideal foundation for any discipline), and trail riding

Horsemanship and riding lessons with school horses also available

Horsemanship and Riding Lessons

Lessons for all ages and abilities are offered at Foxchase Farm in Salisbury and LaBelle Equestrian in Mt. Ulla. Trailer-ins are welcome and school horses are also available.

Lessons focus on building relationship from the ground up and can include round-pen, liberty work, developing lightness, responsiveness, and rhythm through groundwork, and riding in balance and soft connection.

Yin Horsemanship with Holistic Equine and Rider Solutions

Holistic Equine and Rider Solutions offers clinics and individual sessions that focus on restoring freedom of movement, reducing pain, and releasing tension in mind and body through myofascial release and other bodywork techniques

Yin Horsemanship Clinics teach participants techniques to create a soft, harmonious partnership through integration of bodywork and horsemanship.

Clinics are offered at LaBelle Equestrian in Mt. Ulla, NC and can also be hosted at your facility

Yoga for Equestrians at Heart of Yoga Salisbury

The practice of yoga develops awareness and control of the mind, breath, and body. Yoga teaches us to stay grounded and centered, improves balance and flexibility, cultivates mindfulness, builds strength and coordination, and fosters gentleness and compassion for self and others.

Yoga for equestrians is suitable for anyone, previous yoga or riding experience is not necessary. Asana practices can be modified for all ability and experience levels.

Healing Connections

Healing Connections at Midnight's Promise Equine Rescue is an equine facilitated therapy program that pairs participants with horses that are healing from traumatic pasts. Horses that have experienced neglect or abuse need time and relationship to develop trust and release triggers resulting from traumatic experiences. Participants learn techniques to reduce anxiety and facilitate relaxation in both themselves and the horses. This program helps both horses and humans rediscover trust, connection, and joy through mutually beneficial relationships that are healing for both 2-legged and 4-legged participants.

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