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Heart Centered horsemanship clinics


For horse owners who are seeking effective techniques to facilitate relaxation, connection, and softness with their horse. Suitable for all levels and disciplines, these clinics focus on the importance of grounding, centering and setting clear boundaries, correct use of pressure and release, creating a soft and light response on the ground and when riding, developing rhythm and suppleness, and riding in balance and connection. Clinics are offered at LaBelle Equestrian in Mt. Ulla, NC and can be hosted at your facility.

Training at LaBelle Equestrian

Heart Centered Horsemanship specializes in starting young horses under saddle, re-training horses for new careers, problem solving for specific issues, and  developing horses that are safe, confident and relaxed both on the ground and under saddle. Methods integrate groundwork, gentle tension-release bodywork, round pen training, trail riding, and basic dressage to create an ideal foundation for any discipline.

Training Board includes a minimum of 5 training sessions per week, turn-out in large paddock with run-in shelter, stabling during inclement weather, and feeding twice per day.

Horsemanship and Riding Lessons

Lessons for all ages and abilities are offered at Foxchase Farm in Salisbury and LaBelle Equestrian in Mt. Ulla, NC on your own horse or one of our school horses.

Students learn to create a positive relationship with the horse from the ground up through simple practices that develop connection and communication. Riding lessons focus on safety, correct position and balance, and moving in harmony with the horse. Students learn basic dressage and have options of including trail riding, obstacle challenges, round pen exercises, yoga on horseback, and jumping.

Yin Horsemanship with Holistic Equine and Rider Solutions

In partnership with Deb D'Amato, certified massage therapist and bodyworker, Yin Horsemanship Clinics focus on techniques to release tension, facilitate relaxation and connection, and restore balance and alignment. This approach blends yoga techniques with myofascial release and natural horsemanship to improve physical and mental well-being.

Yin Horsemanship Clinics teach participants techniques to create a soft, harmonious partnership through integration of equine bodywork and horsemanship.

Clinics are offered at LaBelle Equestrian in Mt. Ulla, NC and can also be hosted at your facility

Unwind and Flow at Heart of Yoga Salisbury

This studio class in downtown Salisbury, NC is a perfect introductory class for those new to yoga, and is also beneficial for those with a regular practice. Focusing on mindfulness of the breath and body, this gentle class will help you to stay grounded and centered, improve balance and flexibility, cultivate mindfulness, build strength and coordination, and foster love, gratitude and compassion for self and others.

Unwind and Flow is suitable for anyone, previous yoga experience is not necessary. Poses can be modified for all ability and experience levels.

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