Prince's story

​One horse's transformation

"I was referred to Stacey Carter by my local vet, whom he highly recommended for ‘problem horses’ like my “Prince”.  I met Prince when I boarded my horse with him and quickly fell in love.  Prince had major issues but it wasn’t his fault – he’d just never been taught anything at 18 years of age.  He would not allow me to even pick his feet without a fight; you couldn’t spray fly spray or Showsheen without him flipping out; he’d freak if I tried to bathe him; it was nearly impossible to catch him and put a halter on.  He was defiant and would explode if he felt trapped, tearing up the barn and leveling anything in his path.  The owners said he could never be ridden successfully and nothing could be done with him. 


But I saw a beautiful, funny, mischievous horse who acted more like a dog and I knew if given a chance, he could be a wonderful horse.  But at 18, it was challenging to break many bad habits.  I worked with him the best that I could and through much love and attention, he started to behave better because he trusted me.  But I am no trainer and teaching him the way he needed to be taught was way over my head.  I’d never met a horse who’s feet couldn’t even be picked without a fight so it was beyond me what to do or how to teach him.  So I called Stacey for help and forewarned her of his many ‘issues’.


From the start, Stacey reassured me that we could accomplish everything I wanted for Prince – I trusted her but knew he was a tough head case.  Some things had happened in the past to traumatize him but I could not get the whole story from the owners.  He had never even left the pasture for 18 years!  The first time she tried to get him to simply walk out of the gate was like trying to get a vampire into a house without an invitation.  He was blocked and terrified to step over the threshold out of his ‘security’.  But Stacey calmly worked with him until he knew it was OK.  From that moment on, he felt ‘freer’ somehow.  Then she did ground work that was amazing to watch as he not only listened to her but RESPECTED her; Prince had a hard time respecting humans because he didn’t have to and I was more ‘mom’ than mentor.  In no time at all, Stacey was riding him with a halter around the pasture.  I couldn’t believe it…for 18 years, the owners had given up on him but now he wanted to learn.  It was a miracle.


Prince is now 20 and we’ve been riding him for 2 years; all the bad habits he had are gone and he’s wonderful to ride.  The first time out, Stacey even rode him in a HALTER without a bit which was amazing and honestly shocking.  He was a little nervous the first time understandably but the second time and each time after, he was blowing and snorting so happily and enjoys being ridden.  He is now a ‘normal’ horse and so much fun because he still hasn’t lost his personality but he knows his boundaries and listens.   


Stacey taught me that there are no ‘bad’ horses and every one can learn; she taught Prince that we wouldn’t give up on him like everybody else had…Stacey turned the defiant, hard headed frog into our Prince Charming.  Thanks Stacey!"